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Error in posting run

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dear gurus

I am settling the travel expenses in t code PRFI, while creating the posting run i am getting the following error.

Posting Run 3

Non-Postable Trips

Personnel No. 99087571 raju surya narayana

Trip Number 0000000001

No entry in table T030 for argument ET01 HRP 1RR

No entry in table T030 for argument ET01 HRT 120

No entry in table T030B for argument HRP

No entry in table T030B for argument HRT

Tax code in procedure TAXUAE is invalid

Trip could not be included in posting run

Can some help me out.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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1. Accounting determination is missing in T Code PRT3 for both transactions keys (HRP - Customer/vendor trip costs postings and HRT - Trip costs postings, expense accounts).

2. Looks like the company code in which you are trying to make postings is in country AE (Utd.Arab.Emir.) which is assigned to tax calculation procedure TAXUAE, and the tax code is not defined. Define the missing tax code using T Code FTXP in country AE and assign GL account to the tax code.

Good luck!

Assign pts. if it helps!!!

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Hi Srikanth,

We have a situation where employee having two records on his infotype 0001. Employee was a union and then became salaried employee. When we run prfi transction for this employee's trip, it posts to the GL account related to salaried employee subgroup eventhough the trip is during his union period.

Where does it select which GL account to post? Please help me solve this problem.


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