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Error in PO Creation with Excise Tax Code

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I am getting the following error while creating a PO (in sandbox) in MM.

No posting rules exist for account key

Message no. FF714


No posting rules have been defined for the account key in the tax table in table T007B.


Change the tax table, enter an account key already defined for the transaction in question or define the posting rules for a new account key in table T007B.

In sand box, I am making use of VS1(Condition Type JMOP)(10%), VS2(Condition Type JAOP)(2%), VS3(Condition Type JSOP)(1%) & JP5 Condition Type JVRD)(4%)Account keys with deductible nature in one tax code V8. In OB40 GLs are defined. Posting keys 40 & 50 are given. In GL master all tax types allowed * is also given. Also excise data is maintained in the vendor master.

I am not getting the above error if I make use of any other tax code with only one percentage and one condition type. I am getting the above error if make use of the above tax code V8 which is created for excise.

Inputs are hightly solicited.


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Check this thread

[No posting rules exist for account key|]

Alternatively, check the following notes which may help you

=> Note 27350 - Missing account key

=> Note 32828 - Termination with FF714 when posting with FB01


G. Lakshmipathi