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Error in Flexible Workflow for PR

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Hi, Experts

I maintained a PR Flexible workflow settings and set agent determination as Manager of Workflow Initiator,
but after save PR document, the following message appeared. Appreciate for any advice:
 - Recipient role with id 'superiorOfWorkflowInitiator' cannot be resolved

What I have done in system(S/4HANA 2022 ON PREMISE  FPS(02/2023)  
1. create Flexible workflow, set agent determination as Manager of Workflow Initiator.(Reference  *1.)
2. maintain employee and approver's Organizational Structure(Reference  *2.)
3. maintain manager' role
4. Create PR through Tr-code:ME51N



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Hi Eric, 

What you need to know is that the manager is found via the HR Organisation (transaction PPOM/PPOME) 

You can describe the hierarchy of you company (division service ...) with the objet O (organisation) 

Then under the different organisation you can place the position (object P) some position can be flagged as responsible for the organisation 

Under the different position you can place the user as BP (business partner linked to your user)

Within the organisation you have to place the BP linked to the users unde a position (objet P) 

So your initiator (creator) shall be place in a position and "above him" another position marked as responsible should contain his manager 

I hope this give you a good hint