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Error in Flexible Workflow for PR

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Hi, Experts

I maintained a PR Flexible workflow settings and set agent determination as Manager of Workflow Initiator,
but after save PR document, the following message appeared. Appreciate for any advice:
 - Recipient role with id 'superiorOfWorkflowInitiator' cannot be resolved

What I have done in system(S/4HANA 2022 ON PREMISE  FPS(02/2023)  
1. create Flexible workflow, set agent determination as Manager of Workflow Initiator.(Reference  *1.)
2. maintain employee and approver's Organizational Structure(Reference  *2.)
3. maintain manager' role
4. Create PR through Tr-code:ME51N



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Thanks StephaneBailleu.

In Tr-code: SWDD. there are two workflow scenario  relate to PR release.
- WS02000458(Overall Release of Purchase Requisition)
- WS00800157(Overall Release of Purchase Requisition)

(in SAP help: only WS02000458 referred)

The task proprieties of WS02000458/WS00800157 in my system is following, does it seems OK?0.png1.png2.png3.png4.png5.png