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Error in Flexible Workflow for PR

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Hi, Experts

I maintained a PR Flexible workflow settings and set agent determination as Manager of Workflow Initiator,
but after save PR document, the following message appeared. Appreciate for any advice:
 - Recipient role with id 'superiorOfWorkflowInitiator' cannot be resolved

What I have done in system(S/4HANA 2022 ON PREMISE  FPS(02/2023)  
1. create Flexible workflow, set agent determination as Manager of Workflow Initiator.(Reference  *1.)
2. maintain employee and approver's Organizational Structure(Reference  *2.)
3. maintain manager' role
4. Create PR through Tr-code:ME51N



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The set up of the manager seems all right in the PPOME

Do you have a user linked to the employee infotyp 0105 OOO1 (PA30) ?

If yes have you check the task linked to your workflow is it a general task (PFTC) or directly in SWDD_SCENARIO

Cause if the determined agent is not part of the possible agent then it is excluded and the workflow finds no one 


To do so go to the workflow template in SWDD_SCENARIO on the activity tab


Check the dialog task (click on the TS something)

If the Process in background is green then do nothing (like in the image below)


If the assigned agent is green like in the image below the assignment has been done (so most of the time general task) you can check by clicking on the yellow symbol StephaneBailleu_4-1716538498180.png



if it is not a general task then click on caracteristic


Do not forget the assignment does not get transported automatically you can do it by using transaction RE_RHMOVE30




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Thanks StephaneBailleu.

The user(manager, Workflow Initiator) have linked to the employee infotyp 0105/0001.

Follow your advice, I checked workflow template by t-code: SWDD.
I am not sure if it is right, if there are anything I should do, please let me know.
Screenshot 2024-05-24 171955.png

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Eric the task displayed in your reply is a background task,