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Error in FBS1 - WBS Element not allowing....

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Hi Experts

Ours is an Upgrade project from R3/4.7 to ECC 6.0.

We have created the Screen Variant Z004 in T.code FBS1 for Fast Data Entry.

After upgrade, I am trying to post the data by using this Z004 Screen Templates in G/L account items fast entry and the system is throwing the error that "GL Code XXXX need Co Object" eventhough I have entered the WBS element as CO Object.

System is successfully posting the entry when I use the Standard Layout and also in normal mode instead of Fast Data Entry.

In the R3/4.7 environment the system posts the document successfully by using the Z004 screen Template layout.

Is it happening because of Upgrade and how to overcome this error?

Can you please guide in this regard?

Thanks in advance

Priya Mahajan

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Thanks for your reply.

The solution suggested by you will be useful if there is 1 : 1 relation between Cost Element : Cost Center.

The client needs to put the WBS Element and not the Cost center.

My question was related to WBS Element in Fast Data Entry while making entry by FBS1

In normal mode I can post the document sucessfully by using WBS Element. The error is coming when I try to post it through Fast Data Entry mode.

This error I am facing in ECC 6.0 system i.e. in the upgraded system. In the 4.7 environment there is no issues with this.


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Use of T Code :-KA02

Click on Default Account Assignment

Enter Cost Center & Save