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Error in DMS download

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Dear friends,

I am facing 2 errors as below in DMS and need your help.

1) In the T code CV02n or CV03n when user double clicks on checked files he gets a pop up window saying " The system is trying to execute the program/display the file C:\temp\_user name. Do you want to grant access to this file?", Now there is a drop down saying deny once, always allow etc....Even after user selecting Always allow the same pop comes again and again. Why is this happening? and how to avoid the same? Please help.

2) Some times for few files when he double clicks on them he gets one pop up window with error stating "The program doesnt have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the folder options control panel.

Here we are using KPRO, the above errors are coming for the basic files like PDF, word, text, excels which are already available in the system to read.

I feel some wrong in work station application.

Please help me on the same.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Sai,

regarding your first question I'm quite sure that this is due to the SAP GUI security settings. Please check the settings in the SAPGUI options menu and here you can define if the user should be asked or not.

Your second question sound to me that there is no external application defined which could be used to display the file. This is maintained in the operating system settings (e.g. Folder options of Windows).

Best regards,


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Dear Christoph,

Thanks a lot for your reply. Please note I did the below but need some help,

1) For the first question, after logging in i clicked on colorful TV button, a pop up window came with few folders at the left. I migrated to the folder security, and in the right side there is status called customized, default action - ask, and then lines called security rules. I tried doing changes like changed the default action from ask to allow and tried many other options. But still that pop up window comes. But some how, when I select allow this always and click on enter now I get the error pop up screen as informed in question 2 and I am not able to resolve it.

2) Question 2 can you please let me know in detail what steps i need to do for this...please help.

My target is i need to avoid both the windows and system should just start the application and open it.  I have full authorization and I am facing these errors in my user id itself.

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Dear Maruthi,

Define Workstation application related to that specific type, if it is defined then associate that file type in windows. that will resolve the issue.

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