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Error in Consumption entry

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Hi Gurus

Thanks in advance

We are facing problem while posting consumption entry thro T-code MB1A with mvt 221

Error: you are not allowed to post to this Account. Check with the Syst. Admntr

Message no. ZT032

in our system the split valuation is active

Can any one help me? why this error is?

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Answers (4)

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Thanks all for reply

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Hi All

Thanks for the reply

But it is not the authorization issue

Since the split valuation is active, with valuation type X the material is having MVP and the stocks were valuated,

with valuation type Y the MVP should be ZERO and the stocks should not get valuated.

But due to some reason for the valuation type Y the MVP got updated and it is > 0, and subsequently stocks were posted

and stock value is updatd. Theat is why the above said error is comming

Now even with MR21 it is not allowing to make the MVP Zero

Is there any way to overcome this issue?

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You may not have the Authorization to use the Mov type 221 (Goods issue to Project) in MB1A trxn code.

Please communicate with your Basis Consultant.

If you problem solved Please close issue accordingly.



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This is the Customized error, you take the help of the ABAPER where they have defined this in any of the program.

Go to SE91

Give the Message class as ZT

Under the message Number give 032

You will get the description of the error message.