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Error for unplanned depreciation (ABAA transaction)

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Now, I am trying to correct depreciation with ABAA transaction, using transaction type 640 - Unplanned depreciation on old assets data, but then the following error appears:

In area 01, you can only post manual dep. up to the amount 0,00

Message no. AA649

Asset affected: 000021700005-0000


This posting cannot be performed, since manual depreciation can only be posted in the amount of 0,00 in area 01.


Check the transaction type entered, or change the posting amount.

Caution: If the amount concerned is 0, this could be the result of two situations:

1. The asset does not have any net book value; in this case, you should check the transaction as described above.

2. The asset has a depreciation key with automatic depreciation calculation. However, if you want to include depreciation in addition to the automatically calculated depreciation, it has to be unplanned depreciation.

Otherwise, you should use a depreciation key that does not calculate automatic depreciation (SAP-supplied key: MANU).

I need to include depreciation in addition to the automatically calculated depreciation, as it is explained in situation 2, how could I do it? because 640 transaction type is for unplanned depreciation, as it is explained.

Thanks a lot


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Check in OADB.. Define Depreciation Areas.What you have entered in value Maintenance ...Unplanned Depreciation.

Your setting is " Only negative values or Zero Allowed" that is why you are getting this message. For unplanned depreciation posting with TT 640 you can post unplanned depreciation on prior-year acquisitions. In AW01N if you see that the net book value at fiscal year start will be 0.00. For more information please refer to OSS Note 50761.


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