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Error : Field Segment is required For GL Account XXXXXXXX

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Hi All,

At the time of MIGO am getting the Error : Field Segment is required For GL Account XXXXXXXX

I have checked the in OBC4 for the respective GL account and posting key and found Segment as Required Entry.

But for for feild selection of 101 Movement type there is no field called Segment.

I have even checked in RM07CUFA program also.

I cant change the field Segment as hidden or Optional for GL account.

Please suggest what to do?

Thanks & Regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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If you use segement in the New General Ledger this will not appear

in OME9 as a field that you can make either Required, optional, display,

or hidden. OME9 is not regenerated based on settings made in financial

accounting making fields such as segment visible. These fields relate

to table EKKN which does not contain the segment field.

Instead this field is derived when you enter the cost center/profit

center in the account assignment data for the purchase order.

You can check using ks03 the master data of your cost centre. And

if you have a profit centre maintained here the segment will be derived

via this profit center. Therefore you need to next check with

transaction ke53 to see what segment is maintained here.

Hope this information helps you.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi, segment'd to derive from profit center, and no need to enter manually

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Yes, I have seen in R07CUFA there is no field SEGMENT under Mvt Type 101 but its there in GL account.

One more thing i have observed is it is coming for Account assignment Cat - K but when i am taking other PO's with acct. assignment M w.r.t Sales Order this is not coming.

I have checked field settings for account assignment also there also i didnt find SEGMENT field

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Hi, field Segment doesn't depend on account assignment cat., but Account assignment does. As i wrote befor segment derived from Profit Center, and often PC derived from Cost Center, Probably it's your case. To avoid error you need to maintain PC. It can be derived from material master data.

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did you see a red line in RM07CUFA?

at what field was it?