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Error during settlement

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Hi guys,

I am getting an error when I am trying to settle my AUC using AIBU. The error message is F5702 Balance in transaction currency.


A balance has occurred in transaction currency USD with the following details :

Exchange rate '00' amount 789661.12 currency key USD.

The data in the transaction currency were transferred from the calling application.

System Response

Your data cannot be processed in FI


The error is possibly in the calling application

The company code currency is USD and the controlling area currency is 30- group currency.

I checked Ob08 and the exchange rate is maintained here. I looked in OB09 but not sure if this tcode is relevant.

When I create a new AUC and try to settle it to the final asset, I dont get any error.

What could be the issue?

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I was settling to the wrong asset