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Error at Tax Code V0

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Hi All

I am getting an error - No Posting Rule Exist for Account Key - Message no. FF714

Scenario - While Creating PO - Only if Tax Code V0 is selected.

Tax Proc - TAXINN

For rest of the Tax Codes it is working fine.

Checked following things

1. FTXP - Tax Code for V0 is available

2. FV11 - Tax Percentage 0.00% is maintained with Validity from 01.03.2010 for Condition JVAT

3. OB40 - Posting Rules are defined for the Account Keys VAT, VT4, VT2 etc. out of which VT4, VT2 are for different tax codes (4 % & 12.5 % respectively) and are working fine. However as V0 is for zero VAT, no need to assign the G/L.

4. OBCN - Not Applicable for V0

5. OBCL - Default Tax Code for Input V0, for output A0

What else need to be checked, and what is missing ?

Guide me


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Answers (5)

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But no account key was mentioned in the message, otherwise i would have maintained the posting rule for that key directly.

The message is a generic one mentioning the Table name only.

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if no account key is mentioned in the message, then you have not assigned the account key in the calculation procedure.

see the docu with screen shots:

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Precisely Jurgen

But I am using the same account key for the others also. And as far as V0 Tax is concerned it never uses a Acc Key.

You have given me three solutions

1. Change the tax table,

-- How to do this ?

2. Enter an account key already defined for the transaction in question

-- I am using a key VAT for the transaction V0

3. Define the posting rules for a new account key in table T007B.

-- Yep these are also in place. i.e. for Account Key VAT, posting rule is defined with Dr 40, Cr 50. G/L Account is also mentioned.

Can you please elaborate on ?

I mean I cant understand what is that which still system searching for.

Please guide me.

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The message FF714 has a variable . SAP will list their the account key that was used when looking into table T007B

Did you post the full message? if so, then you did not specify an account key

in case you did not post the complete content of the message: was VAT mentioned in the message?

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message numbers starting with a F means they belong to finance

SAP had checked table T007B before it issues the error

SAP gives you 3 alternatives:

- Change the tax table,

- enter an account key already defined for the transaction in question

- define the posting rules for a new account key in table T007B.

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Thanks but not useful

Do u have something else ?

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