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Error after Costing Run

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Unable to release FR Materials for January 1st 2009

one of the error "Price changes for material 2000000054 is not possible"

What can be the reasons for this error, there are 1800 materials included in costing except 20 all of them relased those not released are having the error as mentioned above.

Edited by: SDeepakKr on Jan 5, 2010 12:22 PM

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Check there is any movement for these 20 material in current period.IF yes than you cannt change the standard cost in current period better you will change the standard cost in next period



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I understand why I cannot release Jan 8, because I have already Good Mvt on January period.

But to prevent the same in future hiw we can go about ,as

I performed Standard Cost estimate ( C40KN) for all materials Dec 30 and marked December 31.

I scheduled a Batch job in background for release at 00:10 AM January 1st 2010 at french time when January 2010 MM period had been open ( at 00:00, I guess).

Does it mean that some Material movements were done between 00:00 AM and 00:10 AM ( Jan 1st) before the release ?

do operators recorded Mvts during the 10 mnn interval ?