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Err.mess.FGV002 Fiscal year variant XX is not maintained for calendar year 2020

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While running report S_ALR_87012004 system generated error message FGV002 'Fiscal year variant xx is not maintained for calendar year 2020'. Checked the dates in OB29 and dates for calender year 2020 is already maintained with the fiscal variant

I have checked table V_T009_A and T009B and the fiscal year data for 2020 is already maintained .below is already maintained in OB29, and OB37

Could you please recomend me next step to clearing message?

FY    P     WT

2020 1     4

2020 2     4

2020 3     5

2020 4     4

2020 5     4

2020 6     5

2020 7     4

2020 8     5

2020 9     4

2020 10   4

2020 11   5

2020 12   4

Thank you.

With best regards,

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Answers (2)

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CHeck if the fiscal year variant Z1 is available in the transaction OB29 ?? If not then it has to be maintained in BI. make sure that the variant is available in R/3 and try to transfer the global settings again.

and Pls check in transformation if fiscal year/period from datasource has been mapped to 0FISCYEAR or not . if mapped , that is the culprit . automatic  time conversion is not possible in BI 7.0 . remove that mapping and load . else write code to get fiscal year from fiscalyear/period .

Hope it will helps



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Define the calender assignments in OAVH and generate period controls in OA84



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Thanks Madhu ,I tried  and its working for 12/28/2020  but if i run for 12/29/2020 it is giving me the same error not sure what is missing


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Thanks Madhu now if i am running the report until 12/28/2020 i am not getting any error but if the report is running for 12/29/2020 ia m getting the same old error