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EREC-Restrict external candidate when reapplying for job based on applstats

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Dear Experts,

when external candidates search for jobs and they can apply.

if again he wants to apply for the same job posting, i need to restrict them based on the application status.

if status is 'rejected', need to through message and restrict to not to apply for the same job. he can apply for another job.

if application status is 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 , have to through popup message.

i have created an enhancement for APPLY_FOR_JOB METHOD Iin component controller of HRRCF_C_SEARCH_UI .

i was strucked up how to display those messages based on status ISTAT of HRP1001.

is it right path or can anybody throw some light on this please.


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Product and Topic Expert
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How about modifying FM HRRCF_MDL_JOBS_SRCH_HLIST_CONV? In there we check if you have already applied for the posting you would get as search hit.


*look for application date

if ls_converted_hit-has_applied is not initial.


I would just not add that hit to the search hitlist (append ls_hit to hitlist.).

In that case the candidates, who have already applied to that posting, won't get it in the search (don't know if that alligns your business processes).