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EREC: Quick Search is not showing own postin channels

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Hello experts,

I have follwing problem.

We have posting channels 0001, 0002, and some own channels. (9000 - 9010)

If i create a posting for standard external channel 0002 I am able to find the posting based on the reference code. (Recruiter quick search)

But if I try to search with reference code of channel 9000 i cant see any results.

First I thougth maybe the indexing of the postings is not working correct. But it seems that the change pointer in table com_se_cpointer are written correctly.

Also the Table T77rcf_pub_ext is correct. Field published is marked as "true".

Do you have any ideas why my own channel are not in the result tab?

Many Thanks!


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Hi marco,

ref code search and quick search are not the same. As ref code search is not using trex while the quick search (the field above the recruiter powl) does.

Customer channels are not supported by the standard job searches of eRecruiting as they are meant to be used for linking own search applications, integrating external job boards or documentation. So they are probably not indexed in trex and therefore not found in quick search.

A general point. Publisher classes for customer channels may not use the standard tables T77rcf_pub_ext or T77rcf_pub_int. These are reserved for channels 0001 and 0002. You can use T77rcf_pub_xi if you have an XI integration for an external job board or need to define a customer table. If you have a customer channel which uses T77rcf_pub_ext or T77rcf_pub_int and use the standard channels in parallel this can lead to trouble as the data model of these tables does not support multiple parallel use by different channels.

Kind regards