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EREC: Internal Error while logging in using Registered External Candidate

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We are on ECC 6.0 EHP 5 & ERECRUIT 605 (0005) and EP 7.0 SP22.

I'm on the final stages of config on Production system for eRec applications, all works fine and ready for LIVE except the below functionality:

1. i've registered 2 uses as external candidates using the external url

2. when trying to login with that user, it throws internal error - this kind of issue didn't happen in DEV/QAS.

when i've checked the SLG1 below came:

Serious error; see log

The error occurred in program CL_HRRCF_ABSTRACT_CONTROLLER==CM001 line 56

The user is not assigned a candidate or an employee

The error occurred in program CL_HRRCF_START_A==============CM007 line 19

The user is not assigned a candidate or an employee - this message didn't make me any sense as its the external candidate who is logging into the system.

Then i've checked that user by running the HRALXSYNC >User: 455DC84C411 > F8. This gave me below errors:

Determination of connections to object 'CP' of 'US' '455DC84C411' failed

User 455DC84C411 is not integrated in the organizational model

This kind of issue didn't repeated while I was configuring the DEV and QAS system, why i'm getting this only in PRD?

Awaiting for valuable inputs.



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I do not really understand what you expect from report HRALXSYNC. This report has nothing to do with the external candidates.

A common issue when things on the production system are not working like on dev / qs are insufficient authorization tests. So you should check the authorization trace for the sevice user wich is defined in the external alias for the external candidate registration ICF service. Furthermore checking the NA, CP, BP, US objects and the relations between them can help analyse authorization problems on the object creation.