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Equipment User Status Update

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Dear Gurus,

I want to update equipment user status with PM Order Status.

for example, if i close the PM01 - Maintenance Order , equipment user status will be updated "001-Fixed".

how can i update the user status like above example? I have found some user exit (STATTEXT) but it is not working in PM order. Is there any user - exit for this case?

thanks for your help.

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I woudn't go for this requirement because you may write more than one work order for the same piece of equipment. And if one of the order is closed and other one is open, it does not make any sense the update the equipment status to be "Fixed" as its not really fixed for the other work order.

agree ?


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you are right, i guess my example is not clear for this case. I wrote this basic example for easy understanding.

anyway, i wanna write a scenario, we have 4 user status for equipments. we wanna run with PM order status and good movements. equipments are on our customers so that we can refurbish and fix on the field or our refurbishment center.

1. if equipment is come from customer for refurbishment , equipment status will be updated "001-waiting for refurbishment" with good issue.

2. if equipment is refurbished, (refurbishment)order will be completed so equipment status will be updated " 002- refurbished"

3.if equipment is not refurbished, (scrap) order will be opened for removing equipment's spare so equipment status will be updated " 003- scrap"

4.if equipment's spare is removed, (scrap) order will be closed and equipment status will be updated " 004 - write off"

I hope it will be cleared.

there is a bapi for updating equipment user status"BAPI_EQUI_GETSTATUS" but i don't want bapi because of locking the equipment. which can i use user-exit or badi for this case?

thanks for your help

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Hi ,

I am not clear with the reuqirement stated by you ..but you update the user status by using

FM STATUS_CHANGE_EXTERN[This is used to set or delete User Status] & you have to use FM STATUS_READ : This is used to read system status or user status .

Using the above FMs .. you can write a programme for each of your requirement with conditions to update the user status , this programme you can run as a batch job ...

Hope this would help u ..



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Hi Pushpa,

Firstly thanks for your answer.

i suppose i do not solve this case with user exit,badi or FM without use bapi or write programme .

i dont want to close this thread, maybe someone finds easy way for update user status:)