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Equipment Hierarchy

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Dear Experts,

I have a question about the equipment hierarchy, what the purpose of the equipment hierarchy.

it's only used for master data purpose only or there is another purpose.

I have tried a lot but I didn't find anything.

I have made a equipment hierarchy and then I have checked the cost report (MCI8) and I found that it only calculate the cost the superior equipment only not the whole hierarchy.

Kindly advise.


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Answers (1)

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  • Cost calculations might not be calculated as per our expectations with regard to Equipment Hierarchy. For that you need to develop a report for your specific requirements.
  • Equipment Hierarchy mainly useful in the non-integrated area (non-cost), i.e., the Structuring of Technical Objects (FLocn, Equipments).
  • The first benefit we get out of this is the  tracking of an Equipment installation for a specific period (Usage Period).  Means we will be able to know under which F/Locns (or Superior Equipments) an Equipment worked in that period.
  • Equipment Hierarchy provides easy method by which we can reach an Equipment without remembering its 18digit number.
  • Also it gives a shop (or plant) a complete picture how its assets are installed at a particular point in time.
  • Also it is useful to inherit the Masterdata from its FLocn or Sup Equipments.