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Equipment good receipt deletes Sold to party in the equipment

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We are fixing customer's cell phones.

Each cell phone is equipment in our system

we would like to do good receipt for the cell phones before the repair and in the end of the repair we will do good issue

when trying to do this using Movement type 561 E

the system deletes the assigned sold to party in the equipment

***we do not use Ras order ***


Asaf pereman

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Answers (2)

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we are using service order for the spare parts and labor but we do not use it to get the phone into our stock (we might do this in the fueture)

for now we use manual invetory movment to do the good recipt for the phone (we also move the phone from plant to plant during the repaire)

Our current problem is that the customer related in the Equipment of the phone is beeing delited while we do the good recipt

(we need this connection also while the phone is beeing repaired)

Is there a way to do a good recipt without having the customer delited from the equipment ?

Regards asaf

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I think you are doing the refurbishment of the cell phones. Are you creating a service order (PM04) to capture the labour cost and parts ? If you are doing the scenario through service processing, then you can receive the material from the service order, then do the repair, then do a goods issue of the service order.

Check for the equipment status when you are receiving the material. After creation of the equipment the status will be AVLB, When you sell the equipment to the customer, and the material is with the customer , the status will be ECUS. While receiving I think the status will be ESTO.