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Equipment category and Authorization (4.6C)

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The Business requires us to control IE01/IE02 by "Equipment category" types. Already taalked to security folks. But looks like there is no authorization object to control by "Equipment category". There is only one field "EQTYP" but that is not related to any of the Authorization Objects. How do we take care of this? We don't want the users to change or create all the equipment types. Thanks for all the suggestions.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Not sure if you can control as expected. But further operation against a equipment can be controlled using authorisation groups. Extract IMG help of the node is mentioned below for easy reference.

Define Authorization Groups


In this Customizing activity, you define authorization groups for your technical objects. Authorization groups are used to categorize similar objects from the point of view of authorizations.


Create the authorization groups for your technical objects.


You have two maintenance departments, truck fleet and production. There is a series of equipment in the system for both departments. You want to ensure that a user 'A' may only process equipment of the truck fleet, and a user 'B' may only process equipment from the production area.

To do this, define two authorization groups and assign these to the two users 'A' and 'B' in their user master record.

The equipment must also be assigned to the two authorization groups.

The two users can then only process objects from their own user department.


If no authorization group is entered in an object, the check is not carried out. If this is the case, the user may process the object.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Thanks, but I did already know that!

My problem is to know where the equipment has to be assigned to the two authorization groups. I couldn't find the parameters for the assignment of the authorization groups to the type equipment in customizing.

Thanks in advance!

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