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Environment,Health&Safety(EH&S) management module in SAP

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Can anybody send me some light on Environment,Health&Safety(EH&S) management module in SAP.



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Answers (2)

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Hi Chandra,

please find below some more advantages of EHS Module in details,

A) Storing and managing EH&S data: EH&S Module provides a flexible specification database that helps to track substances, exposures, packaging, dangerous goods

classifications, and waste codes.

B) Managing documents: It helps to produce and maintain a variety of documents, such as material safety data sheets, transport emergency cards (tremcards), standard operating procedures, and labels.

C) Tracking substance volumes: With SAP EH&S , User can track the volumes of hazardous substances that can purchase, import, produce, sell, or export. Once the volume of a substance reaches a certain limit, the software warns User, prompting User to perform the regulatory compliance tasks required.3

D) Keeping track of dangerous goods: With SAP EH&S automatically supplying that data to other solutions for use in delivery notes and packing lists. The software also checks to determine whether a planned means of transport u2013 such as road, rail, sea, or air u2013 is appropriate, and helps to ensure that only those shipments that comply with regulations are allowed to leave company premises.

E) Managing waste disposal: SAP EH&S helps to dispose of hazardous and nonhazardous waste as efficiently as possible in compliance with all relevant national and international rules and regulations.

F) Enhancing employee safety: EH&S provides industrial hygiene and safety and occupational health functions with which useru can pinpoint and minimize risks to employeesu2019 health u2013 and comply with safety laws and regulations in doing so.

G)Supporting Preventive Healthcare: With SAP EH&S, user can track employee healthcare treatments and examinations and monitor the results and diagnoses.

H)Comply With Regulations: User can track EH&S processes and documentation better. That, in turn, helps company to avoid fines and penalties, minimize risk, and enhance employee, customer, and community safety.

I) Control Costs: EHS helps company to optimize and automate all EH&S processes and operate with consistent, accurate information throughout the product life cycle u2013 saving both time and money.

In case of any doubt, please revert.


Amol Joshi

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SAP EH&S is part of SAP ERP Corporate Services solution used for supporting Industrial Safety, health and Environmental Protection. This module consists of different sub modules covering various aspects, i..e Basic Data and Tools ( contains data and functions for implementation of all other modules ) , Product Safety ( EH&S Report generation and MSDS, labels for industries producting hazardous substances), Hazardous Substance Management (Industries using hazardous substances) Dangerous Goods Management (For Dangerous Goods Transporation) , Waste management (transporation and disposal of waste) Occupational health (for planning and performing health surveliance protocols) and Industrial hygiene and Safety (for managing hazards and agents presents in an industry).

Besides the core module of SAP EH&S, there is also couple of modules which relate with EH&S - Environmental Compliance (Formarly xEM) and Energy ( For Industrial compliance, Permit Management, GHG monitoring, energy consumption and Reporting), SAP REACh Compliance 1.1 ( For meeting REACH Legislation).

If you need further information on this module pl. go through the online help

Thanks and Regards