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ENTRY TAX in MM -need deductible condition

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We need to map Entry Tax in Orissa which a Deductible tax based upon PO BAse valueExciseVATFreightinsurance.

We tried by creating a deductible condition type in TAXINN same of JVRD for entry tax. But the base for it BASBExciseVAT. We couldnt include Freight& insurance in total base value for Entry Tax.

now the question is to get new base value for Entry tax in TAXINN which include freight & Insurance from MM Schema??

2. Is there any posibility of creating a "Deductible tax condition type" in MM schema??



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As per my knowledge u dont have t o creat a entres tax condition in TAXINN

i will tell how i have done

we have created a entry tax condition in our pricing procedure

we haeve added this entry tax cond after our delivery condition freight abnd insurance.

we have one more conditin JEXS this condition gets all the values from taxinn ie excise ecess Secess vat

so u r pricising procedyre look like

base value





entry tax

thus u can get ur entry tax amount calculater on required base as u want

if u add it in taxinn then how will u pay it to diffrent vendor for ur original vendor

as entry tax vendor is diffrent for ur PO vendor.

hope this will solve ur issue

Reward if helpfull

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Dear Umakant,

Thanks For ur prompt reply..But here we need to take setoff against entry tax in case of raw materials.& if we put any condition type in MM Schema we are not able to take setoff for the same or we cann't make it deductible.

Also we need to pay the entry tax to Govt . if our vendor is from outside Orrisa & payablr to Vendor if vendor is from inside Orissa.

Another we didn't find JEXS condn into our schema but this condition is available in std condn types..

Plz check this reply & let us some sol..we u can provide any of ur contact no ..we can call u too..


Sandeep Sharma

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can u explane ur full senoiro for entry tax

against what u will take set off and how the things will work

what version u r using

as JEXS is default in condition type m/06 u should find in this tcode

u can mail me the details on

reward if useful