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Entry Date 00.00.0000 in MSS reports

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Hi Expert,

When i try to execute standard mss reports, for ex Entries/Leaving Date, or service anniversaries the entry field is 00.00.0000. But if i execute the report via gui (Manager desktop) then the entry field would filled by correct value. Can somebody help me ? Thanks in advance.

Best Regards.


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Product and Topic Expert
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you need to maintain the feature and on how the reports are run

You need to implement the note 562031 instructions in the system as this is not part of standard delivery, Please apply it

and verify in your test system it will work


Currently, the system operates as follows: The modules for the

determination of the respective date (HR_ENTRY_DATE and HR_LEAVING_DATE)

are called up with the key date and not with the start and end date of

the personnel action within which the key date exists. If HR_ENTRY_DATE

doesn't find an entry date on given key date it returns 00.00.0000. This

is an expected system behaviour.

Sometimes this system response is partially not desired, instead, you

want the system to determine the entry date and the date of leaving with

the start and end date of the personnel action within which the key date

exists during a key date selection. Therefore, the attached note 562031

was released. If you would like to change the system operation implement

the note 562031 accordingly.

Additionaly, take into consideration, that you could use a key date

selection at Person Selection Period (instead of Data Selection Period).

This could likely be helpful in your case. Consider different selectioncriteria