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Entries in Intrastat Report through VEFU

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Hello Experts,

Currently i am working for Intrastat report for EU countries on ECC EHP 5, system is picking all the entries which are system generated perfectly.

Now the issue is while i am doing manual entries in VEFU t.code, system is not able to pull the data to the standard report through VE01 t.code.

please suggest.

Thanks in advance.

Vincent samuel

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I am a bit confused what you are really looking for.

Intrastat is a legal requirement, VE01 and VEFU are used to create the records in the SAP table VEIAV which is then the basis to create the file in your file system, and this file is then the basis to create a diskette or an ASCII file for upload to the authorities. I can't really give you an example using transaction codes, since each country has its own transaction that follows in the sequence after VE01 and you have not posted for which country you need to create the report. All transactions are close to each other deep in the Foreign trade menu.

See this wiki which has an overview with screenshots: