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Entries Generated by ABAON and ASKB

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Hi Experts,

I have questions regarding entries generated by system after I ran transaction ABAON and ASKB and here are the details:

1) Run ABAON

Entry for Leading-ledger area:

75 203000 000001000351 -2,291,103.60
75 203000 000001000351 -33,717.75
70 203020 000001000351 219,274.53
40 346300 Asset Sale Clearing 2,225,527.66
50 682000 Gain Asset Disp -119,980.84

2) Run ASKB

Accum. depreciation amount is different between the leading ledger area and the non-leading ledger area thus SAP generates below entry for the delta area:

40 346400 Asset Revenue Recd 1,889.24
50 346400 Asset Revenue Recd 1,889.24-
50 682000 Gain Asset Disp 187,383.40-
70 203020 000001000351 0000 187,383.40

I can understand the entry for Dr Accu Dep. and Cr Gain Asset the accum dep amount are different thus it generates entries for the delta area via ASKB but I don't understand why it also generates entries as Dr 346400 and Cr 346400. as this amount are exactly the same for leading ledger and non-leading ledger. And one more thing that I am confused about is the system sometimes generates 346400 entries but sometimes it doesn't.

PS, we use different Asset Sale Clearing accounts for Leading ledger and Non-leadng ledger in AO90.

Can anyone explain what causes the difference? Why system generates Dr/Cr entries for asset sale clearing accounts when no difference exists?

Thanks in advance.


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