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Enter a numeric value

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When I am copying company code from standard "0001" company code , in the end when I get the Transport request screen ,I give the TR number and on clicking OK .....there is popup window " Error in the object Editing" which says

"Enter a numeric value"

The documentation of the message is as given below :

Message no. TK455


The value "12 " was entered in the field "REICHWEITE".

This is not possible because it is a numeric field where only numbers may be entered.

The length of the field is 000003.

System Response

The entry was not accepted.


Enter only numeric values in this field.

and finally the process stops with popup error message " The activity for the company code 0001 was cancalled"

For information : Data being used

Copy from code :0001

Copy to code :0390

If anyone has come acress this error ,do send your answers


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Answers (3)

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Please implement the steps mentioned in SAP Note 547875. Tr copying some other Company code say 1000. It does not happen with that.

Also since the length of the field is 000003 cheeck whether it accepts 001 instead of 0001. Its just a distinct possibility.



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in SE16 delete all the enteries from the table TNIW5 for the value 12 or 012 in the field REICHWEITE

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Hi Santosh ,

Thanks for the reply ,but why do i need to delete the entries from the mentioned table ( TNIW5),I am creating a new company code in absolutely new client ie. Development client.

I checked this table there are only two entries :

Client Company Code Material Type Coverage Devaluation %

200 0001 ROH 12 10,0

200 SG01 ROH 12 10,0

However when I do the same copy company code in Play ground client it works fine.

Do you have any further suggestions?Please do send in.


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It is allowing you to create company code in sand box, because there you dont create any request.

It will create an issue only when you save it as a request.

Probably, you should not get the issue in you production client since you dont create any request there.



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please read OSS note 547875 for solution.