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Enhancing existing Record model with extra roles does not work with already created DPF?

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We have as part of a new roles concept been replacing the "Visible in roles" entries inside our existing Record model which is setup in trans. ORGANIZER.

The persons that already has a PDF that usualy is generated thru trans. PASR_DPF_CREATE, will not see an updated DPF when they log on thru the Renewal portal as they see folders that are depending on the roles and not the new(same goes if their PDF is loaded thru backend trans. HRASR_CALL_TX_PDPF).

But if a new employee get their PDF generated for the first time, our new "visibility" roles are working??

So I have been looking for some kind of Sync. report and I did find SRM_RECORD_SYNC but this does not seem to work on this issue.

I have checket that the current Record model is the one that is active and I have double checked that the POID is the correct on inserted into SRMREGEDIT.

Does anyone have any idea to how we get the current DPF to be displayed which the roles setup based on the newest Record model??

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Hi Jesper,

Same issue here.  Were you able to find a solution to this?



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Jep - Well not a solution but a workaround 😞

Already created profiles with PASR_DPF_CREATE will not be able to see the folders with the changed roles, so the solution is to strip the old roles for Authorization but leave them in the ORGANIZER.

When generating a DPF for a new user then the concept with the new roles will work.

We ended up just keeping the old roles(cleared for auth. objects) ind the ORGANIZER and then add these roles in the new composite roles.

hope you can use that info.