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Enhancement spot after invoice creation (committed to DB )

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Dear Friends,

I had some custom logic to be added in invoice creation standard program. This logic to be added after invoice creation ( after committed to DB ). I have created an enhancement implementation in function module RV_INVOICE_DOCUMENT_ADD at enhancement-point RV_INVOICE_DOCUMENT_ADD_30.

The problem I'm facing here is, at run-time the custom logic is not getting executed (means the billing document is not committed in DB), but while debugging I'm getting the result as expected.

I'm calling a custom function module in the enhancement implementation. In the custom function module the invoice number is an input and the select queries for VBRK and VBRP is written in source code. Since the invoice is not committed in DB, the select queries are getting failed.

Please suggest me how to proceed on this or is there any other solution available to achieve this scenario.

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Dear Raymond Giuseppi,

I've tried this method and found unsuccessful. I've achieved this problem by using the output types. Created a custom output type and transmission medium as special function(8). In this special function I've called my custom program and it is working as expected.

We can close this thread.


Manivel S