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EN99 Import Simulation-Foreign Trade / Customs

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Hi ,

I am using TCode EN99. When I simulate import processing with reference to

- a purchase order line item and it's ok (with RMIMPO)

- a good receipt and the system doesn't calculate the custom duties.

I checked the documentation, it refers to program name:







"Program RVEXIMSI Description

Import Simulation

Buyers can use the import simulation function to simulate an import process that saves time and expense.


When you execute the program, you receive the following information from the simulation run:

1. Information on customs tariff numbers and customs duties

2. Information on the preference situation

3. Information on verification documents and authorities

4. Log information on the simulation run


The link to pricing allows you to simulate different scenarios for the customs duty rate to be paid.

You can use other factors in pricing that influence values, such as surcharges and discounts, freight charges or insurance costs, for the import simulation. The relevant condition types are stored in pricing procedure RMIMP0.


A prerequisite for a correct simulation run is that you maintain all the necessary data, such as determination tables, in Customizing.

In order to calculate customs duties, you have to maintain the relevant condition records.

The standard system contains pricing procedure RMIMP0 with the following condition types:

CU00: Gross price - Customs simulation

CURB: Total discount

CUFR: Freight/Quantity

CUIN: Insurance

CUZK: Customs quota

CUPE: Pharmaceutical products

CUAS: Customs exemption

CUPZ: Customs duty rate - Preference

CUDL: Customs duty rate - Third country

CUAD Anti-dumping

Access sequence 0002 is used for condition type CU00.

Note that the info record category field remains blank or 0 when you maintain the relevant condition records.

Also note that the term "home country" corresponds to "importing country"."







The good receipt use standard procedure RM0000, even changing procedure to RMIMPO, the duties and gross price are not calculated automatically.

Can anyone help me on how this program it's work and how custom duties are calculated automatically?


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Hi Mihaela,

could you please check if note 1521155 is relevant for you ?



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Hi Mauro,

It works:) Now I will check the values.

Thank you very much!

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HI, Mauro!

It seems that you are familiar with the import simulation in Foreign Trade Customs.

Please consider the issues I have, maybe you can help me:

1. In simulation (TCode: EN99), I need to convert the value of customs taxes into the local currency (RON) using the customs exchange rate.

The customs taxes in import simulation are calculated into the currency of the PO (USD).

2. I need to bring onto the CUFR freight condition the value of freight expenditures in the shippment cost document (FRB1), so that they are included into the base value for calculating the customs taxes (again in simulation).

(If I have the freight condition as a value in the inforecord, then the simulation knows to get the value and includes it in the import pricing schema, otherwise it does not.)

Looking forward to hearing from you or anyone else who faced the same issues,