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Employees PF contribution exceeds employees salary

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Dear All,

In April month test payroll run i am getting this message"Employees PF contribution exceeds employees salary for some of the employee";Can anybody tell what is the reason behind this.There basic pay also showing negative in the log.

We have just applied SAP Note 1568264


Surajit Chanda

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Under the normal scenario,Employee PF contribution should be 12% of his eligible pay or PF basis , based on the manner in which IT0587 is mainatined

Can you check what is the value under /111 EPF Basis ?

In the case of mid month joining/leaving or transfer scenarios, the PF Basis will be correspondingly prorated and so the contribution calculated will also be prorated .

Thanks and Kind Regards


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/111 wagetype EPF Basis is showing Rs29300-;That is Basic pay.

But why this basic pay become negative that is the concern ;Whereas in last month it is howing positive

Whereas the recenly applied note 1568264 have any impact?

This problem is occurring with some of the employee but not with all employee



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Hi Sura,

/111 EPF Basis

/3FA Ee PF Basis

/3FB Er PF Basis

can u plz check what are the values passing to it.

and after about SAP note. It may leads to errors if it is not updated with all other patchlevers as now it is 604 release, level 0029

may be happens do chek.

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