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Electronic Bank Statement with clearing of customers/vendors open items

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We have EBS process in place where as a result of the EBS run the system only posts to GL accounts - each bank account has main GL account and outgoing/incoming GL accounts, which are posted. But is it possible instead the Electronic Bank Statement in SAP to automatically clear the open customer/vendor items?

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Hello Friend,

Yes you can. What you need to do is as follows

1. Recognize the bank transaction codes which you want to clear against vendor/customer items

2. Assign these bank transaction codes posting rules which are mean to be cleared against open item (in standard SAP they are typically 0001/0007). These posting rules should have posting types 7 (clear with Debit) & 8 (clear with Credit)

3. Now you need to recognize from the bank statement which open item (vendor/customer), you need to clear. If itu2019s an internal transaction i.e. transactions happening between two entities in the same ERP system, then the system may itself create a payment advice which can then be used to post the bank item. If it is not then you need to recognize the payment reference passed by the bank (say for example if the customer is paying you then its your invoice number) and then make a search available wrt company code. This is only possible if in the text of the bank statement your document numbers/reference numbers are provided by the bank. This will need custom development, use enhancement FEB00001 and development it as per your requirement. You can find it here, go through the documentation as well.

SPRO>Financial Accounting>Bank Accounting>Business transaction>Payment transactions>Electronic Bank Statement>Develop Enhacement for Electronic bank statements




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BAI2 Pay file load to SAP System








FF-5 (BAI2 File upload)

Select check box - Post immediately

Select check bx-


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Actually this is for Europe and the file format is not BAI, but MT 940.