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Electronic Bank Statement (EBRS)

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Dear Experts

My client so far BRS is doing manually through T.Code: FF67 or FF68.

Initially the configuration is done wit two GL accounts, (1) Main bank account ending with +++++++0 ,(2) Outgoing clearing account ending with ++++++1 and there is no incoming clearing account, whenever the client issue the cheque credit to the outgoing clearing account and debit to the vendor account and whenever receive the cheque Debit to the Incoming clearing account is debit & Credit to the Customer. and the same manual BRS is completed very weel without problems.

But now as per client requirement I have to do run Electronic bank reconcilation in the system using T.code : FF_5. I have received file format SWIFT MT940 from banks about 5banks and rest of the banks around 25 babnks they have to continue with manual BRS FF67 / 68 only.

so i should not change the configuration , so i have to continue with existing configuration and have to complete the EBRS using with two GL account (main bank, outgoing clearing ) , if i continue with existing configuration shall i complete the EBRS with extra additional settings (Assign External Transaction Types to Posting Rules, and Assign Bank Accounts to Transaction Types ) using T.Code: FF_5.

what is the impact, whether i can complete EBRS or not, kindly advice on this how i have to procssed futher.

Please advice on this and what is the impact on EBRS or manuall BRs.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi ,

there are two different Different Transcations to maintain for EBRS and MBS..there will not b any impact.

the only difference is you will manually upload the File in FF.5 and where as for Manual you will update manually throw FF67/68.

After uploading the file ,you can check in FEBA For reconcilation.

PLease Correct me if I am worng



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