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EKET table question

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EKET table is for "Scheduling Agreement Schedule Lines"

in field EBELN in EKET table if I give purchase order details, it gives me output

but if I go to t-code ME39 (Scheduling agreement) and give the same PO number it gives "Not possible to process a purchase order using this function"

If I cannot process a purchase order document from ME39 t-code which is to display scheduling agreement, why does EKET table which is meant for scheduling agreement scheduling lines giving me an output for the purchase order?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can only display Purchase Document category 'L' (Scheduling Agreement) with transaction ME39. However, SAP stores schedule lines of all Purchase Document categories (Request for Quotation, Purchase Order, Contract, Scheduling Agreement) in EKET table. For each of these categories, SAP provides separate transactions.



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