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EHS - Dangerous good Waste

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Hi all,

Does anyone know how to integrate the generation of Dangerous Goods Documents in the Waste Management Process?

We have wastes that are classified as dangerous goods so, appart from the waste documents, we should also generate the DG documentation (tremcard, etc). Is there any way to do it automatically?

Any help will be usefull.

Thanks a lot!

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Tremcard will be displayed and shipped(manual) as usual method like MSDS, Label etc using CG54.

you have to create the receiver address in CVD2 and select while display in cg54 then press send button.

Also you can check in CVD1, the status of the report(tremcard).


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Hi Ram,

thanks a lot for your answer.

What we need to know is how to generate the report so that it is available in transaction CG54. I mean, in the dangerous goods commercial process (when you sell a DG), the MSDS report is created when a delivery is made... but what happens when we´re talking about a waste? There´s no delivery...

Any idea?

Thanks again!!


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In t.code waco02, where you assign waste material to waste specification. For particular waste specification you can create report like trem card / msds in specification menu. for example

WACO02 - select specification menu, select create report-select report catagory like trem card-select language(EN) then save.

CG02 - then go to CG50, release the report,

CG50 - you can find out in CG54 for display and shipping(manual).

This will be done manual shipping only and not by automatic shipping like sales order/shipment DG documents.

This is my understanding for DG waste handling in waste mgmt. but i have not faced such scenario. We normally dispose through disposer (both Dg and non Dg waste) without tremcard only.

Please check up with other experts and let me know the correct procedure once you come to know.