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EHP5 upgrade

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Hi all,

just want to ask whether there is any impact to current ECC6.0 SAP Treasury and Risk Management when basis do 'technical' upgrade to our system?

or it just supposed to upgrade the technical part and not the functional part?

If yes it is impacted the current SAP Treasury and Risk Management module, on what part does it affected?

Appreciate your help and response..


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Hi there

If I understand your question right you are currently running on ECC 6.0 with no additional Enhancement Pack. Now you want to go to e.g. Enhancement Pack 5 or even 6. In Treasury you have to do a migration for all money market deals as the new transaction code for accrual/defferal is TPM44 instead of TBB4.

Beside this you only get additional functionalities mainly in the area of commodity hedging.

Kind regard

Juerg Heiz

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Yes, you are right. But in our company they want to do the technical upgrade only, not the functionalities upgrade, so i assume that there is no functionalities being upgraded in our Treasury module.  Is my understanding correct? Or still the technical upgrade impacted the functionalities also?

Appreciate your reply.


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Hello Noor Syazana Ashah,

If you are only doing a technical upgrade (i,e, no activation of business functions), then you will not switch from TBB4 to TPM44 for Money Market or non Securities.  We are on EhP5 and have not activated any business functions in Treasury.  (We look at it each time; however, we never decide to go forward with activation for a varity of reasons.)  When we went to EhP4 (no activation), I did notice that there were fields in certain logical databases that became obsolete that I had used in my ABAP queries.  Thus, I had to remove them from my queries and then InfoSets.  Overall, the impact without activation of business functions was minor.

Best regards,


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Hi Lisa,

Thank you for your explanation.

But, during the technical upgrade, i found that some of the reports got changes in terms of its selection parameter fields being added with a new fields for example report F8BT (display payment requests).  There are notes that we need to apply in order to used this report. Is it occur in ur company when u do the technical upgrade?

It's because due to this i decided to post this type of question in this forum..

thanks for ur explanation again.

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Hi -

We do not use F8BT.  However,  I have found that if you are allowing the new business functions to come into your environment as part of an enhancement package without activation that there is still risk.  Therefore, I do read all of the information (see link to SAP's information on the enhancement packages 1 to 6 for SAP ERP 6.0) on the various business functions to see if where the areas of risk might be.  The Release Note documents tends to be the most helpful for me to find areas of risk/impact.  For the areas that I see that are included in the business functions, I tend to check them out first when we begin our testing in the development envirionment.  As an example to the risk, business function FIN_TRM_LR_FI_AN was brought into our system but not activated.  At the end of the release note, the deactivation of the fields in the logical databases

FTI_TR_POSITIONS and FTI_TR_PERIODS did impact us.  In addtition, we had to

Execute the report ZTPM12_VARIANT_SWITCH_OFF_VAL from SAP Note 1579799 to get our variants back for TPM44.

I have seen changes to programs come into our system via Basis Support Packages that we introduced at the time of the enhancement package that we did not expect.  I have also found that I need to activate (via transaction code BUS1) applications FS01, FS03, FS05, FS06, FSBP, FSCM, FSDT, FSTC, FTB and then generate subscreen containers for Business Partners (via transaction code BUSP) every time we go to a new enhancement package level.