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Effictivity Parameters

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Can anyone explain about effictivity parameters and what is its use in Variant Configuration. Any links to documents will be helpful.


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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go the link

the sap document of effective parameters.

Effectivity Parameters


Field, which assists in defining the parameter effectivity of objects.


You define the parameter effectivity, by assigning values to one or more effectivity parameters.

You define the parameter effectivity, by assigning the material number 123 to the MATNR ("material number") effectivity parameter and the serial number 456 to the SERNR ("serial number") effectivity parameter.


An effectivity parameter's attributes are defined in Customizing by

The data element that is assigned to it

You can assign those values to an effectivity parameter that are allowed for the data element assigned to it. For example, the data element CC_SERNR is assigned to the SERNR effectivity parameter. As up to 18 character long strings are allowed for CC_SERNR, SERNR can be assigned a value of 18 characters.

Any data element within the ABAP Workbench can be assigned to an effectivity parameter.

Its parameter type

Possible Types of Effectivity Parameter

Parameter type

The parameter can be assigned a



Single value

You assign the single value 123


Single value

Closed interval value

You assign the closed interval value "between 123 and 456"


Single value

Closed interval value

Open interval value

You assign the open interval value "greater than 456"

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Effectivity parameters are used along with Engineering change management. It is not applicable in particular to Varint configuration. Variant configuration is driven by dependencies which you define.

Please go through the link: