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EFB Parameter

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Dear All,

We are using EFB user parameter for following two purposes

1. Adopting PR price to PO

2. Getting PR reference to PO when creating PO

However, there is a special request from the users to create PO without reference to PR and also they need to add select "As gross price" option under the valuation tab of the PR.

I am facing an issue of providing both option to them(Direct PO w/o ref to PR and adopting PR price) as both are controlled by same parameter EFB. Could you please help to give a solution. is it possible to create new parameter? if yes, please guide me how to do it.



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Dear Sujith,

You can try below to create two EFB parameter to assign to two different users via transaction SU3.

In customizing transaction SPRO

   Material Management -> Purchasing -> Authorization management ->

   Define Function Authorization for Buyers -> "Function Authorizations: Purchase order"

a) Default value 01:

-The field in question is "Order price adoption" (T160D-EBPUEB) checked.

-Untick w/o reference

-Tick ref. to PReq.

b)Default value 02

The field in question is "Order price adoption" (T160D-EBPUEB) checked.

-tick w/o reference

-Tick ref. to PReq.


ian Wong Loke Foong

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Hi Ian, I want to have both options. because, there should have PR referance for most of the procurement we are doing.

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You should follow Ian's option to create two different auth parameter objects and you can assign this parameter to different users according their requirement. How do you expect same user should have different different options of refering the PR and not refering the PR? You educate the user how to use these options.

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   We have created a Error message to restrict the PO creation without PR.

Some users are given exception to this message.( they are allowed to create PO without PR)

A ztable is created to enter these USER Ids.

The message reads this USER Ids and if the user is not maintained in the Z table then it throws the error " Enter PR no".

May be you can control the Price Parameter through EFB and the PO without PR can be controlled by aforesaid ABAP development.


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Hi Rajesh, I feel your solution will be very much useful. I will try this. Thank you

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No, You need to Configure the Same in PO Document Type.

You need to mention what are all the PR document type allowed in Creation of NB PO using Link PR.

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Thank you Ganesh. I will check your option