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Edit Error CKBK009

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Good day Gurus,

I have a question, and i hope you can guide me through it.

Im trying to edit an Error "CKBK009". Im trying to change it from "Error" to "Warning", but i can´t find the way.

I use the transactions code: OPR8; OPR4_CK; OPR4_PPCO and another route through SPRO-Bank index.

The scenario is that, im triying to save a Production Order. That order, had one item or material, that is "non rated material", so it had cero (or none) cost, and its ok. But when i try to save the order, the system show me the error CKBK009.

No price could be determined for material &1 plant &2 - CKBK 009


For material in plant , the system could not determine a price for valuation view , because no valuation strategy succeeded from valuation variant .

System Response

Since the input quantity is zero for this material item, the costing result is not affected by this error at the pricing stage.

The standard system defines this message as an error message. However, you can use user-defined error management to specify that the message is a warning or an information message, or that it is not issed at all.

Thank you Gurus, and sorry for my lack of English.

Greetings to you all.

Oswaldo Seara, SAP CO Jr. functional consultant

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Greetings to you all,

I find the solution implementing SAP note 1008643.. Like Mr. R.Brahmankar say, it dictaminates that you have to make a new entry in OPR8, and put the next values:

ErrorManagID    ApplicationArea   MsgNo

PPCO                CKBK                   009

After that, run transaction code OPR4_PPCO  and modify the message type for CKBK009, to W (warning).

Thank you for your time.

Oswaldo Seara, SAP CO Jr. functional consultant

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hi @Rupesh_brahmankar3