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Dear Experts,

I have a requirement that new item added in BOM will be activated for production/planning/costing at a particular date in future.

We use ECN to change our BOMs here and I am aware of a functionality of alternate date in ECN. I am not able to find the way to use this function in my scenario. Will you please guide me.

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Dear Both,

Thank you for your reply. Let me rephrase my requirement here one more time.

I already have a component active (currently valid) in my BOM. I want to put that particular component in future validity date (ex - 1/09/2015 to 31/12/9999) not rest of my BOM component.

As per my understanding I can only assign a BOM header to an alternate date and not a component of the BOM. In that case the complete BOM will be valid for future date.

I can delete that component and reassign with a new ECN with future validity date.

I want to know is there any other way, in which without deleting and reassigning I can achieve my goal?

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Depending on your requirements you have two options:

1. use ECN with START validty DATE = the dat from which on you want the system to explode the "new" BOM

2- use ECN with RELEASE KEY. You can apply the changes using the ECN, but they will not be effective for BOM EXPLOSION (i.e. MRP planned orders) until you will manually release the ECN. You can perform the ECN release at your own specific date.



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Alternative date function can be used in below scenario, if you have the same ECN for changing/creating multiple objects (BOM in your case) and you want one of them with a different validity date, then you can maintain alternative date for that BOM object.

Please check the below thread discussing the same issue,

Also a better example, is in SAP Help itself

Alternative Dates - Engineering Change Management (LO-ECH) - SAP Library

Hope this helps, please close the thread following normal SCN guidelines if helpful

Best Regards,

Ameya B.