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ECM CA01, CA02 only on one plant, CA03 not to require a change number

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The problem: I have more than one plant at client level. I need to assign change numbering to one as mandatory and not the other.

That said, CA03 must not require a change number at client level.

OP5A: I have set this at plant level so that only plant A has mandatory Change Numbering, But CA03 still requires a number, even after specifying CA01 and CA02 as transactions.

I do not se a way past this, if you know a method on how this can be achieved. Please let me know.

Thanks in advance,

Ian McGilp

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Answers (2)

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dear ian

for your information we are using three transcation code in routing (CA01-routing creat,CA02-routing change, CA03-for routing display)

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Yes, this is for change control on routing and the t-code CA01 (Create) CA02 (Change) CA03 (Display).

I did read the content supplied by Mr. Siva Kumar. This does not work for us.


The moment you make CA01 and CA02 as mandatory, this occurs at client level. Our other plant does not want this.

The moment you assign the plant as mandatory, this takes care of our other plant's consideration, But we cannot separate CA01 and CA02 from CA03.

This is because at plant level it is mandatory and CA03 or our plant is thus mandatory as well.

I hope that this clarifies the question. Short of creating a Z transaction and making this mandatory therein, there appears to be no standard way as far as I can see. If you have access to a sandbox or pre-development server try this for yourself.

Thanks for the postings, if there are other ways to achieve this please post...


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Read the below inputs from forum member - Mr. Siva Kumar M, it should answer your query.



In OP5A:

1. Double click on PP Task Lists. Do not select the Change Number mandatory there.

2. Click on Influencing Button

3. Double click on Transaction Code:

Here, select the "Change No." as required and in the Contents filed, put CA01 and Pres Enter.

Afterwards put CA02 and Press enter.

4. Now Press on Influences Button.

Here you can see that the Transaction Code - Change number is mandatory for CA01 and CA02.

But not for CA03

Remeber to press enter after inputing the Transaction codes, otherwise those will not apper in influences.