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ECL Viewer 6.0 - PDF View & Print Resolutions

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We installed SAPGUI 710 & ECL Viewer 6.0 Patch 4 for all our users.

Settings were made to display PDF through ECL Viewer in DC30.

We observed the following issues while working on PDF

Display quality are not good due to poor resoultion.

Even when we print from ECL Viewer, the quailty is very bad due to the poor resolution.

I have changed the settings to High Definition/Low speed for both Print quality & Preview.

There is some improvement. But, it is not as it is suppose to be.

Are there any other settings to improve the resolution to display & print from ECL Viewer.

Best Regards,


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Answers (4)

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We have installed the latest patches for the ECL Viewer and are still experiencing issues with resolution.

When I open a drawing and click on properties, I can see the 2D Loader Preferences for PDF's but cannot change them.

Currently the 2D Viewing Preferences are:

View As: TIFF Group4, Monochrome

Density: 300

The preferences are grayed out and cannot be changed/saved. I currently have PDF's configured to use %EAIweb.webviewer2D.1 %SAP-Control%. I have researched KPRO and SPRO trying to find the config to change the Density from 300 to 1200 to see if this resolves the issue of the drawings opening and printing in low resolution but am unable to find this config.

I may also note I have not set up the MIME types. I have read that this should be done but again I lack understanding how this would be impacting my issue of resolution using the viewer. If I configure SAP to open %auto% the PDF's open with the workstation application Adobe and are clear. BUT this does not support our requirement to complete mark up's within SAP.

Any assistance on this would be appreciated.

Thank You!

Ame B.

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Is there a release date for patch 5 or 6 yet? We are on patch 4 and are experiencing the same resolution issues with our PDF's.

This is impacting our ability to complete mark up's (changes) in SAP. Currently we have PDF's set to open in Adobe viewer.


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Hi Madhu,

as mentioned in your customer message as well, there will be an increase in the PDF handling and display quality with patch 5 of the ECL Viewer. This patch is currently in its last tests and will be released very soon on the SAP Service marketplace.

Best regards,