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ECC Data Loading process in BW doesn't appear in ECC SM37 for 15 mins

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ECC Data Loading process (Example (many different ones experiencing this): Data Source 0DOC_TYPE_TEXT full via Access to SAP Data through Service API) is started in BW from a process chain. A request no. is generated and the process shows active in BW. In ECC, nothing is shown for that Request No. in SM37 until 15 minutes later, and the load completes in 1 second.

It seems to BW that process takes 15 minutes, where in ECC we see the process only takes 1 second, but job does not appear in ECC until 15 minutes after launch in BW.

How to begin to analyze this scenario?

Any pointers are very much appreciated.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


A BW Engineer and BASIS Administrator worked together to determine that during the issue:

  • 5 Background jobs in BW SM37 in "Released" status named ARFC:<text>
  • 5 RFC_INBOUND failed entries in SM58 in BW
  • One BW Host was not part of any Logon groups, RFC or Background jobs
  • Target host should not have been available for use based on above but was targeted
  • Some configuration was required on host, then it processed inbound RFC fine
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Hi jgibby, Thank you for taking the time to share the investigation sequence followed to achieve the successfully outcome.

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