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ECATT - number of completed transactions

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I actually train myself on the ecatt-tool.

What I miss is the display of the number of total and completed transactions in the base-line which I knew from the former catt-tool.

E.g. my variant has 1000 customer orders to be created. I like to know the status so I can see how many of them have already been processed.

Does anybody know if this feature is available on ecatt as well an if so how to activate it ?!

Thanks for a short reply.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The Extended Computer Aided Test Tool is a new automated testing tool that allows you to create automated functional test cases for the majority of applications running in the SAP GUI for Windows and SAP GUI for Java environments. Like other test tools, it works by making a recording of an application, which you can then parameterize and replay with differing sets of input values. You can test the behavior of the application by reading and testing the values returned by the application .

eCATT is available from Release 6.20 of the SAP Web Application Server, and is an integral part of the mySAP Technology underlying SAP R/3 Enterprise Release 4.7.

With the help of eCATT, you can test a Standard SAP Business Scenario using recording just like CATT and LSMW.

This will help to understand the basics of eCATT.


Also go through these links

Its a step by step guide to ECATT.


1. eCATT An Introduction(Part I)


2. eCATT Scripts Creation - TCD Mode (Part II)/people/sapna.modi/blog/2006/04/10/ecatt-scripts-creation-150-tcd-mode-part-ii

3. eCATT Scripts Creation - SAPGUI Mode (Part II )


4. eCATT Chaining, Parameterization, Creation Of Test Data,Test Configuration, System Data (Part IV)


5. eCATT Scripts Management Via Test Workbench(Part V)


6. eCATT Logs (Part VI)


7. eCATT Scripts Creation Non-User Interface Mode & Rename, Copy, Delete, Upload, Download eCATT Objects(Part VII)


8. eCATT Tips Of Recording, Testing & Links (Part VIII)



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