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EBS using EDI to IDOC

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Hi Experts,

We are using EDI820 to IDOC file to upload EBS. System is unable to process the whole IDOC FINSTA file with many external transaction keys which are configured in SAP along with one external transaction key in the file which has not been configured.

For e.g.

EBS file has 20 transactions. 19 are with external transaction key 165, 170, 195...... which are configured in our EBS configuration. Only 1 transaction is with external key 250 which is not configured in our system and we do not want this transaction to happen that is why didn't configured it.

For above file system is not processing the whole IDOC file not even 19 good transactions. In WE02 I see error with Red mark for whole file.

How can I make the system to process all other 19 transaction just leaving only 1 behind with external key 250?



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You cant make the system process the file as long as that External Transaction key is configured. If that has happened in the Bank, then that has to have an entry in SAP if you want that statement to update. That's the logic. If you dont want to include that transaction, then the same has to be removed in that idoc before you can take in the 19 entries.