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EBS underpayment processing with deductions for bank fee (FEB_BSPROC)

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Hello Friends,

I have a scenario where a MT940 is processed in the system

Multiple invoices are being paid at once by the customer and there is an underpayment as well, For example total invoice amount = $ 6000 so the invoices amount and payment amount doesn't match, hence only posting area 1 is getting posted by the system

Actual Postings in the system (Figures only for example)

Debit main bank $ 5500

Credit Bank sub account $ 5500 ,

The sub ledger is not posted due to difference in posting amount (underpayment) of $ 500 and this is agreed to be post processed

But then there a a separate transaction for bank fees/commission for example $10 with unique external transaction code mapped to a posting rule ,

The system posts this amount correctly in posting area 1

Debit Bank Sub A/C $ 10

Credit Main bank account $ 10

But while posting to Sub ledger account (i.e) GL in this case

the system is posting the following

Debit Commission Account $ 5500 ( Total Payment amount made by customer)

Credit Bank Sub Account $ 5500

Instead of posting $ 10 to the above account the system is posting $ 5500 which is incorrect, we are using standard algorithm 1 and not using any custom exits, Whenever there is a commission and only when there is a single invoice paid even with under payment the posting of commission happens correctly but when there are multiple invoices paid with underpayment and also when there is a commission deduction from bank then this incorrect posting occur

Please let me know if anyone has come across such situation and how it was solved, I know that we can write a elaborate custom exit instead of standard algorithms but I need to know is there anything I am missing in the standard system set up

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I'm facing the same issue. Can you please provide us the solution?

Thanks in adavnce

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So the amount is different in posting area 2 (5500) than in posting area 1 (10)?