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EBS - fill assignment field with bank reference

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We are trying to fill the bank reference for incoming payments in the assignment field for the GL postings. For the 2 banks it is working fine, since they send it in 88 record and we have defined search string to fill in assignment field. We use BAI2 format

But for 1 bank, the bank reference is sent in 16 record, and search string does not work for 16 record. But i do see the bank reference filled in FEBEP-VGREF.

With userexit i can probably populate this in the assignment field but is it possible using standard algorithm?

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Also check note 1409628.

Unfortunately Algorithm 015 is limited to a 13 character reference.

Note 1409628

There are dependencies (if you

use algorithm 015) between the fields FEBEP-/(BSEG-)ZUONR, FEBEP-CHECT


The behavior should be as follows:

If you enter only a check number the result will be stored in

FEBEP-CHECT. The algorithm 015 will move this content also to

FEBEP-ZUONR and creates a record in table FEBCL with this value.

Later in the program flow the report RFEBBU00 fills SGTXT with

this value.

Since FEBEP-CHECT has only 13 charactes, ZUONR is truncated.

The search string works if you need to remove undesired characters

from FEBEP-CHECT, but the lenght will always be 13.

The Note 1409628 doesn't enchange the field, but instead it uses ZUONR

for the search.

So in your case I suggest you to use exit 1 FEB00001 as per note 494777.

Then you can move all 16 characters which are available in FEBRE to


You need to program the exit with a LOOP in FEBRE, then move the

content to FEBCL.

Kind Regards,

Fernando Evangelista

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Hello Dipan,

You may check the following sap note:

note 494777 Customer enhancements in electronic bank statement

This note shows all the possibilities.

Kind Regards,

Fernando Evangelista