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EasyDMS Implementation - Issues

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Issue 1

Is it possible to Turn on/off the inheritance from public folder but keep inheritance from the sub folders ?

Our requirement is not to give users read access to all the folders.

But we are forced to give 'read' access on the public folder so that

the users can see the Public folder - this means that all the sub

folders on the public folder are open for the users to view.

For example consider the 'Public folder' and 2 sub

folders within it - A and B.

On Public folder if user 1 & User 2 have 'Read' authorization then this ACL will be inherited to sub folders A & B.

If for example we want the user 1 to have access to only to the folder B and not be able to see folder A and Vice versa for user 2 - then as a workaround we are able to remove the automatic inheritance from the public folder to subfolders by overwriting the user access on the sub folders (For example to 'None' and 'Write' on Folder A & B respectively).

But it will be best to give the users what access we want to give and not have to worry about what access is already coming from Public folder via automatic inheritance.

We would like to be able to turn off the inheritance from public folder or even get rid of the public folder altogether if possible.

Issue 2

We found a issue with search functionality. For example:

User 1 has write access to folder A and No access to Folder B

User 2 has write access to folder B and No access to Folder A

User 1 and 2 are able to search and view documents in both folder A &

B. Has anyone any ideas on how to fix this ?

Issue 3

Unable to delete folders in Easy DMS

We have assigned a user delete access in object C_DRAW_TCD 01,02,03, and 06 access. The user therefore should have access to delete folders. However when we try to delete folders in easyDMS we get an authorization message saying "you are not authorised to delete the folder".

Can anyone provide a solution to this problem? Is there another object which is responsible for the deletion of folders?

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Hi Amar,

Yes it is possbile to control the ACL inheritance.

Automatic inheritance on sub folders will happen only if the user

who created the folder has 'Admin' rights on the folder.

In general if user creats a document / folder he will become 'Admin'

on the document / folder by default, but this can be controlled using

the registry 'AutoInheritedAuth'. Please check the note 948254.

So in your case on the sub folder if the user (who created the sub

folder) has admin authorizations then only inheritance from pubilc

root folder will happen otherwise not.