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Earliest possible retroactive accounting date

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I am having a problem with a Re-hire employee. Its giving an error saying that "Retroactive accounting date 12/01/2011 is before the earliest possible retroactive accounting date 12/26/2011". I checked his infotype 0003 and below are the dates:

Earliest possible retroactive date: 12/26/2011

Earliest master data change: 01/09/2012

Earliest master data change bonus: 01/09/2012.

I have also checked the control record and the earliest possible retroactive date is 12/27/2010.

I don't understand from where the system is picking the date 12/01/2011. Can any one advise?


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Answers (2)

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When in IT0003, click on 'Bonus info' button next to 'Mast data chng.bonus' field to see if there're any entries in it.

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Control record date ER is 12 27 2011 which is prior of his re hire date so system is not takeing by the way when are u tryiing to perfrom the action