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EA-APPL 606 Installation

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Hello Gays,

We are recently upgraded our system from ECC6.0 SR3 to EHP6 ERP6.0 using SUM. Unfortunately we are not selected EA-APPL component at the time of stack file generation..Now problem is some business functionalities are not working.Is there any way to install EA-APPL 606 directly from saint.



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Hi Sandeep

This is a weird situation. There are three situation to install a specific EHP in a SAP ERP 6.0.

Keep in mind that exists two Core Technical usages in a SAP ERP 6.0.

Central Applications (SAP_APPL and EA-APPL) and Human Capital Management (SAP_HR and EA-HR). Other point to be considered is that the Industry Solutions depends of Central Applications and not Human Capital Management.

Situation 1) You update just the Human Capital Management to version EHPX.

Situation 2) You update just the Central Applications to version EHPX

Situation 3) You update both core technical usages to version EHPX.

You informed that your system doesn't have EA-APPL 606, so I believe that you updated just Human Capital Management.

To update EA-APPL to version 606, you need to generate a new mopz transaction, select option Enhancement Package Installation, EHP6/SPXX, and in step 2.1, select "Central Applications". In the end of mopz transaction, you'll have EA-APPL 606 and SAP_APPL 606.

Again, this is very strange, usually EA-APPL and SAP_APPL have the same version.